Decléor Facials

Decleor Facial

Decléor has pioneered skincare aromatherapy for nearly five decades

Today it is the largest brand of its (very special) type. Decléor treatments combine expert massage techniques and 100% pure, preservative-free essential oils. They can address every skin type and complexion, and leave a glowing feeling of vibrant good health.

At EVELYN, we are passionate about products that have a genuine affinity for your skin, and that deliver both visible results and a rebalanced, energised experience.

With Decléor, every treatment begins with a unique back diagnostic massage. This is wonderfully relaxing for you and gives an important insight to your therapist into your precise needs.

Decléor Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials

Three technologically advanced facials to fight every concern (Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle, Collagen Plump and Lift & New Orexellence Facial Pilates), each with precise and blissful rituals. Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in anti-ageing care, they bring a new lease of life to maturing complexions, offering dramatic improvement in skin tone and clarity.