Facial Treatments


Surely your face deserves the regular attention you already give to your hair and nails?

Your entrance into the salon is a hint of things to come: you approach via a scented, candle-lined corridor, at once exchanging the world outside for a sanctuary of opulent calm.

Inside is a series of beauty rooms, each crafted and themed with individual décor and design. For complete privacy, you may reserve exclusive use of our larger beauty room where, quite simply, every treatment comes to you.

Make some face time

A regime of expert facials is not a superficial sprucing up – it’s a beauty essential to prevent problems and breakouts, and promote facial health and hydration that leads to firmer, glowing skin.

At EVELYN, we couple this with carefully selected technologies and the latest generation of anti-ageing treatments to achieve dramatic improvements in skin tone, clarity and the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

We can also help your face to regenerate healthily, using clinical exfoliations (‘chemical peels’) to remove dead skin cells and minimize pore size, speeding up your natural cell turnover and collagen stimulation.

If you have issues such as pigmentation, and sensitive or problematic skin, our specialists can help there as well.

As with all our treatments, facials begin with an expert skin analysis, followed by a customised plan. We can then offer targeted treatment using the acclaimed brands of our new Germaine De Capuccini (specialising in Corrective Skincare treatments and Luxury Anti-Ageing treatments).

Also ask about our ‘4-minute non-surgical face lift’, for extraordinary results, swiftly and simply.

EVELYN’s Signature Grooming Package

• Hair Wash and Blow Dry
• Nail Polish/Gel
• Facial
• 4-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift
• Full Body Massage

Choose 2,3 or 4 of the above treatments and receive
a combined discount of 10%, 20% or 30% respectively.


Branded Facial Treatments:


Other Facial Treatments Included: 

• Clinicare
• Chemical Peels