Decléor Body

Decleor Body

Created for both men and women

Decléor treatments combine a sensory cocktail of essential oils with an array of heavenly experiences: from warm stone massage and aromatherapy full body massage (which can also include a scalp massage) to body wraps, deep tissue massage and pre and post pregnancy treatments.

Within the Decléor body treatments below, EVELYN offers four targeted treatments.

‘Relax’ for busy people who struggle to switch off; ‘Flow’ which aids circulation; ‘Detox’ which also benefits weight loss and gym programmes; and ‘Toning’, a fabulous anti-ageing treatment for the whole body.

Decléor Aroma Wraps

Our Tailor-made cocooning full body envelopments or wraps all comprise three key elements – exfoliation, body mask then scalp and back massage. Offering total pleasure and comfort, use of a heated blanket maximizes penetration of the active ingredients for top-to-toe benefits. Our wide range of wrap treatments are expertly tailored to your specific needs whether they be those of hydrating/firming to tighten the skin; energising/reviltalising to improve circulation; nourishing/calming to relieve tension.

Decléor Aroma Solutions

Shorter on time but not on visible results, four targeted treatments tackle specific problem areas. One treatment is often all you’ll need.