Carita Body

Carita Body

CINETIC Lift Expert Body applies the principles of Carita’s facial techniques to the needs and characteristics of your body. Proven to deliver intense results, it firms, tones and revitalises. And because “Lift Expert Body” stimulates the body’s circulation, it can be effective in addressing the appearance of conditions such as cellulite.

Carita body treatments focus on either ancient or leading-edge concepts to achieve the same outcome: released tensions, stimulated energy points and thoroughly pampered skin.

The Hot Stones Caress is a deeply sensory experience. We use stones formed by ancient volcanic activity, chosen for their heat retention properties in order to heighten the benefits of massage.

In complete contrast, The LED Refining Contour CINETIC treatment harnesses microcurrent and LED technologies to push high-performance formulae deep into the skin, with either slimming or firming in mind.

All treatments are available without the CINETIC machine on request